Infrared Thermal Imaging




Preventative maintenance is key to contingency

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As with every electronic device that comes to the market, they will be old news by next month. When you’re making a huge investment into your electrical system you can’t switch gears as easily. To receive the continued benefits of your investment you have to take careful action in taking care of it. Heat decreases the life of a product. Uncontrolled temperature will shorten the product’s lifespan by 45%.

Johnson Electric and Supply can facilitate and maintain your equipment with a very cool little known technology called Infrared Thermal Imaging. Our technician will go out to your premise and use our Infrared Thermal Imaging device that will scan your EDS Panel (electrical distribution system) for out of the norm heat that may cause your network and system to break down. This will also greatly reduce the chances of possible fire from overheating.

It uses Infrared technology to monitor for hot spots that otherwise would be left unknown to the naked eye. Our Infrared Thermal Imaging can also be used to detect moisture that may be condensed in areas of equipment that may cause them to short-circuit.


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